Logging in to TOL



If you are inside the firewall, first launch Internet Explorer and enter this address: http://tol.bah.com.  You will automatically be taken to your current time report.


If you are outside the firewall, you will need to use https://tolconnected.bah.com.  You will need to sign in to TOL using your Employee Number and Active Directory (E-mail) passphrase.








After a successful login, you may be presented with important TOL messages. After reviewing the messages, you may delete one or more messages by clicking the Delete check box next to the message(s), then click the Delete button. Click the Cancel button or click Time Report on the toolbar at the top of the screen to view your Time Report. Any messages not deleted can be viewed at any time by selecting Messages under Info on the toolbar. Messages can be deleted from this screen at any time by following the steps outlined above.